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Medical Fundraiser for Sam Melly, Diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease a Week after Arriving in the USA

Sam Melly was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in February 2016. That was a week after his arrival in the United States. He started by experiencing worsening fatigue and poor appetite, and he went to the ER for checkup. Shockingly, he learned that his blood pressure was abnomally high. After a series of tests, the results sadly indicated that he was suffering from ESRD.

Doctor's recommended immediate kidney dialysis to save his life and indicated that a kidney transplant was imminent. As you can imagine this has been a shock for Sam and his family. They have had their hands full with medical tests and doctor's fees since he does not have medical insurance. Luckily, Sam has a living donor but he needs personally to pay personally pay for the Transplant and related expenses. The total cost of treatement according to figures obtained from Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India; is estimated to be approximately $50,000 or higher.

Since Sam will be out of work for some time, family and friends felt the need to to start a fund to help alleviate any financial stress so that Sam can focus on treatment and healing. The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses.

Please keep Sam and his family in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your financial support - donations are sincerely appreciated.

Contributions can be made at the following GoFundMe account:

Contributions can also be made to cashapp - 8164999321 and a Wells Fargo Bank Acoount # 6423449252 - Name in the account is Samuel Melly.

Thank you as you consider assisting Sam Melly  raise the funds he needs for the Kidney Transplant.

GoFundMe account:

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