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Loan Products for Kenyans in the Diaspora

HF Group, a property, banking and investment solutions partner, has several loan products available to Kenyans in the Diaspora:

  1. Home purchase loan: A loan facility given to a borrower who either want to occupy the property or those who want to invest in residential properties and earn rental income.
  2. Construction loan: A loan facility that enables a borrower to build a residential unit suing their own professionals and contractor.
  3. Makao: A hassle free building solution that aims at enabling customers who own a plot to build a home conveniently and cost-effectively. Borrowers select house types from a catalogue and take advantage of building professionals to put up their homes.
  4. Vuna Hela: This is an equity release product where money is lent against the value of an already existing property.
  5. Plot purchase loan: This loan helps meet your aspirations by providing access to funds that will contribute toward the purchase of a plot.
  6. Project finance: This is a specialized solution designed to cater for property developers who wish to put up developments e.g. commercial or residential units for either rental or sell.

Requirements to borrow:

  1. Kenyan ID/ Full Passport Copy & KRA PIN Copy
  2. Work Permit & Copy of current contract
  3. Copy of recent utility bill e.g. gas, power
  4. Residency permit
  5. 3 months’ pay slips
  6. 6 months notarized bank statements
  7. Credit Reference Report from country of residence
  8. Letter from employer Confirming:  Position, Length of service, Retirement age, Income, terms of service,

***All documents to be notarized by a notary public of resident country.

For more information, contact HF Group:

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