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KTN Anchor Joy Doreen Biira's Sh2.8 Million Benz Recovered from Colleague, Thanks Kenyans

KTN news anchor Joy Doreen Biira has thanked Kenyans for prayers that led to the recovery of her car on Friday.

"Big thank you to each and everyone of you, the prayers, circulated messages and calls made for the recovery of my car. God bless you all," Joy Doreen Biira's said via Twitter.

Biira's Mercedes-Benz, valued at Sh2.8 million, was reportedly stolen from Standard Group Media's parking slot on Mombasa road on December 23.

Joy Doreen Biira's Mercedes Benz, which was stolen from the Standard Group Media parking lot on December 23, 2016. /COURTESY
Joy Doreen Biira's Mercedes Benz, which was stolen from the Standard Group Media parking lot on December 23, 2016. /COURTESY

"At about 20:55hrs she realised that her car keys were missing from her desk," Makadara police said in a statement.

Police said when she went to check her vehicle, it was missing.

"She immediately reported the same to security and transport officer about the incident who together with her did another check at the gate and established that the it had left the gate at around 19:39hrs," police said.

Police said Biira's Benz was driven out of the premises by a fellow workmate, Aron Ochieng', without her knowledge.

"She reported the matter at Industrial area police station where investigations commenced leading to the recovery of the vehicle in Kisumu," police said.

But the registration number of the vehicle had been changed from KBY 831K to KCH 117L and is currently at Kisumu Police station.

Ochieng' and two security guards who were on duty are in police custody at Industrial Area in Nairobi awaiting further action.

But Kenyans on Twitter asked how a workmate could disappear with Biira's car

"@JoyDoreenBiira how can Aaron Ochieng do something of that sought to a fellow colleague," Joan Kasavuli said.

Ike Kenneth said, "@JoyDoreenBiira Is it true that Ochieng is the one who stole your car?"

"@JoyDoreenBiira @ulizalinks just paddon the guy me thinks he just wanted to go floss with it up county and show off to his peers (sic)," RomanticKot said.

- The Star

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