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Announcing the Sudden Death of Dr. Samson Lwaki of Houston, TX

We regret to announce the sudden death of Dr.Samson Lwaki of Houston, TX on 12/17/2016 at North Cypress Medical Hospital.

Dr.Lwaki was found unconscious in his house by his daughter who rushed him to hospital.

He is survived by his Wife Jane and two daughters Noel & Mauldrin among others.

Remember his family in your prayers during this sad and difficult time.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

For more information please contact.

Jane Lwaki 832-660-3182 D

aniel Atianyi-8324834652

Albert Musasia-8322845812

Mike Atianyi-7138546002

Joe Mudoga 7133063653

Nora Mbadi -7135058045

Erick Madug-8322029505

Ben Shitera - 7138987283

Beatrice Akala 832-794-4975

Mike Gathecha - 7138263698

Clement Mulovi-8324388091

Jim Nahashon 2817732567

Laban opande 7134466339

Jimmy Njoroge 713 8858959

Protus Onyango 918-549-5571

Please send donations to Phone No.832-660-3182 Jane Lwaki cash app or Chase Bank Routing No.111000614 Acct No. 4739202260190

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