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Promotion to Glory of Regina Wanza Price of Durham, North Carolina

In grief we announce the passing of humble Regina Wanza Price who was called to be with the lord on 12/12/2016.

Regina of Durham  NC, had been braving cancer since 2003  when it was diagnosed. since then she had received a whole range of treatment including radiation and multiples surgeries that resulted in periods of remission, reduced pain and hope.

However each remission was followed by a period of recurrence, intense pain and worries. Despite all these Regina maintained her faith, energy and a sense of humour.

Regina was passionate about serving others with illness and disabilities even at a time when she herself was hurting and of declining health. we are appealing to friends and well wishers to join us in fundraising to send her home honorably and to meet medical expenses.

Friends and family are meeting everyday at 815 Ramseur Street, Durham, NC 27701 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

For more info please feel free to call
Rev, David Wambua: 919-408-9293
Dr Philip Mwalali: 919-923-6188
John Mulili: 919-885-9697

Please donate whatever you will. Be blessed, no amount is small.

GodFundMe account:

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