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Promotion To Glory of Catherine Muse of Hagerstown, Maryland

It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing of Catherine Muse of Hagerstown, MD on December 13, 2016. Wife to Geoffrey Muse Musanga, beloved mother to Nathan Muse (11) and Camille Muse (9), daughter to John and Emily Muringih of Nairobi, Kenya, sister to Caroline Wanja (Nairobi), Lilly Muthanje (Nairobi), Edwin Muchangi (Hagerstown, MD), and Kevin James Muchiri (Nairobi), and daughter-in-law to Hastings and Florence Chikamai of Eldoret, Kenya, Cathy was also a well-loved aunt, sister-in-law, cousin and friend to many.

Family and friends are meeting daily at 7:30pm for prayers at their home. A memorial service will be held from 2:00pm on Sunday, December 18, 2016, also at their residence:

836 Monet Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Please support the Muse’s with contributions toward the funeral expenses and unpaid medical bills.

Checks payable to:
Geoffrey Musanga
Bank of America
Acct: 446032784961

Gofundme Acct:

Cashapp Acct:$CathrineMuringih

David Kamuiru: (301) 404 7539
Oscar BA (301): 433 1945
Fabian Kithinji: (410) 804 3018
Banice Cappie: (443) 764 0283
Michael Kamuiru: (301) 455 3924


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