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Jeff Koinange Quits KTN, Ends JKL

Embattled TV host Jeff Koinange famous for ‘Jeff Koinange Live’ on KTN has ended his show.

This is following widespread criticism from many quarters after he hosted Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris and failed to take charge, leading to unpleasant exchange of words including a rape joke.

Among those that wrote complain letters to the Media Council of Kenya were the FIDA Kenya, Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero – who complained of constant and unfair criticism on the show. Miguna Miguna himself also wrote to the council complaining that he was recorded without his consent.

Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki also came out to condemn the Emmy Award winning journalist. Jeff further got harsh criticism from his colleagues in the media, many admitting that they once looked up to him but not anymore.

The former CNN journalist surprised viewers on Thursday night after hosting popular singers Emmy Kosgei and Sinach.

About a week ago we had a programme that deteriorated into something ugly where two guests went at each other; really out of control and there are some people out there who probably thought I should have done a better job in controlling the guests and I agree looking back… but in a live television, it’s always difficult,” he said.

“But I agree, I’m man enough to man up to that. and if there is anyone who was aggrieved by that show, anyone who felt it wasn’t upto par, I didn’t do a good job, I apologize so that we can move on. It was regrettable in most parts but again, it was one show out of 300 that we’ve done here at KTN the last three years.”

He then concluded what seemed like a normal apology with the bombshell.

And having said that, this will be the final Jeff Koinange Live right here on KTN …we’ll take a break, but rest assured JKL will be back on another station in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that, we’ll keep you posted on social media and on our networks. JKL is not going anywhere, it’s just changing homes.”

Watch the clip.

- Nairobi News


I really don't see what Jeff's mistake is. If anything, thank you Jeff for letting us know who those two aspirants are. Are all those complaining condoning Miguna's utterances? I wish we got all those payukaring off-script. To me, that man and woman we saw on that video are the REAL Miguna and Esther. That is how we end of voting for shadows and when they get where they wanted to go they release the real person who was elected.....thieves and call-girls.

Fafaunua, being a host, Jeff should have taken control and stopped the abuse. Both candidates are disgusting in my view. Jeff's mistake was his inaction. Period. As for Miguna's excuse that he was recorded without his knowledge....well, we are at least aware of who he REALLY IS. I maintain he has unfinished business with Esther, so they should carry on where they left off, not come on camera to air their dirty laundry.

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