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Kanye West Hospitalized in LA for Psychiatric Evaluation has reported that Kanye West has been taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation after police were called to check on him earlier this afternoon. According to TMZ's sources, Kanye was getting checked out for severe sleep deprivation prior to his admission. Additional sources say Kanye was restrained when he refused to go. 

This shocking news comes just days after Kanye made a scene at his Sacramento concert, launching into a verbal tirade where he praised "genius" Donald Trump and bashed Jay-Z, Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton. According to Live Nation, the remaining dates on the Saint Pablo tour have been canceled.


Poor guy! He has been unravelling for some time now...has been painful to watch his endless rants. Sadder still, I wonder why his so called acquired family by marriage allowed him to be the world's joke? I saw him on Ellen and his speech was all over the place. Where is the wife in all this? The world we live in is a sad place... we have become akin vultures waiting for the carcass to drop. Reminds me of Whitney, albeit we have no evidence this guy is doing any drugs. Personally, I believe the pressures of living under the gaze of the media/Kardashians has taken it's toll on his mental health. Very unfortunate. Wish him well. Like or loathe him, he is a human being, one of us, someone's son and a father of two.

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