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Julie Gichuru Makes a TV Comeback

It is good news for her fans as they can now catch Julie Gichuru every Sunday on KTN. The gorgeous media personality who left Citizen TV suddenly, is now a co-host of a show called ‘Shinda Washinde’ together with comedian Jalang’o that airs from 8 pm.

Participants stand a chance to win cash prizes with a raffle ticket going Ksh 50. Other than rewarding lucky winners, the money seeks to benefit Red Cross who come the assistance of many needy Kenyans in times of calamity.

‘’Really excited about our new project which is all about information, inspiration and positive action, on KTN every Sunday at 8pm!’’ She posted a few days ago on her social media.

The popular TV host made a short stint in KBC before she joined KTN in the game show that premiered this past Sunday.




Thu, 11/10/2016 - 04:16

if you are broke like this hypocrite, you can never ever get such a beautiful girl ... u will be stuck with a ngunia like the one i married who thinks she is an angel.

Wah, Good Lord! "One who wears the shoes knows where it pinches". It's true Julie is married to the son of the famous "looting" Gichuru. Not sure if any of that money is passed on ...her five kids go to Brookhouse, I think. Just checked and their fees are an average of 500K per child per month. You cannot afford that school on a reporter's salary.

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