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Kenyan Lawyer Sues Israel at The Hague for Atrocities Committed against Jesus Christ

A Kenyan lawyer has filed a case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague accusing Israel of committing atrocities including torture  and crucifixion against Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago.

The lawyer, Dola Indidis, wants Israel held accountable for the acts that led to the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus, and uses the Bible as evidence of the crimes that were committed. “Evidence today is on record in the Bible, and you cannot discredit the Bible. I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” says the lawyer.

Dola also says Jesus did not get a fair trial and sentencing at the hands of Pontius Pilate.

In his court filings, the former Kenyan Judiciary spokesman also wants other parties involved in the suit, including Pontius Pilate, King Herod, Rome emperor Tiberius and some Jewish elders.

Dola filed a similar suit in the same court back in 2013. The case was eventually dismissed by the court.

Dola Indidis



Sat, 04/22/2017 - 17:39

Useless. Aende aone dentist. Ana hakika ana picha kamili ya Yesu. Jesus was not white nor blonde.

I do not get it; jews killed a fellow jew. What is the noise about?

Mkenya halisi

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 20:42

Dr Sifuna please them this Africans black idiots again n again what u just said n the truth hurts?This white people brot a white person,painted pictures too n told foolish n brainwashed ppl that Jesus was white???????I have insisted that our great grandfathers (Kikuyus)believed in their Own God who they worshipped n This God use to hear or listens to them.When it was not raining elderly men respected in the society would go either to mout Kenya kirinyaga or under a sacred mugumo tree n will sacrifice a certain goat n the rains will fall or the diseases will go.But when This white idiots arrived as missionaries to bring ati good news they brainwashed us by teaching us ati the right way to worship n introduced now this white Jesus of Israel.
The white pple knew pretty well that the only way we will conquer Africans is to divide them by introducing religion or making sure the tribes hates each other.We changed our culture n they dammm succeeded.I always give examples with Japanese who they speak their own language English as their 3/4th language,Chinese,France,Indians n they still keep their culture n today those countries does very well politically n economically but look at us stupid brainwashed Africans we r still following the white man with his economic threats n when somebody like uhuru,Gaddaffi,Mugabe tries to preach africanism of leaving icc n forming one big African state other black wazungu bootlicking leaders/their citizens refuse n that's the only way Africa will unite its people n succeed otherwise we will continue to b bullied by haaaaaa this white Jesus mentality.Sorry for a long text.

D.T. Piano

Sun, 04/23/2017 - 10:46

I sincerely that the Agikuyu are the most intelligent people in Kenya. WHY? They never severed their link with their ancestors the way millions of other Kenyans did. Once you cut your connection with your ancestors and start worshipping other people's ancestors ( mohamed or jeshua -jesus) you start thinking of spending the Jewish people to Hague.
When the religious terrorists (missionaries) from European. Australia, and USA came to Africa, they disconnected us from our ancestors and that led to the mess that we currently have in Africa.

Throw away all the bibles and the korans and return back and reconnect with your ancestors. However, scientific knowledge and research should be the basis of our future development and self sufficiency in our daily lives.

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