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Kalonzo Sends Warning to Raila Odinga

Kalonzo Sends Warning to Raila Odinga

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has warned Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga not to forget the other National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliate parties in his quest for Presidency.

Speaking at Kasarani during ODM's National Delegates Convention (NDC) to formally endorse Odinga as the Presidential flag bearer, Musyoka told Odinga that the other co-principals sacrificed a lot and given a huge responsibility him ahead of the August 8 polls asking him to remain on course.

“To you whom much is given much is expected... Safari hii isiwe ikaingiliwa na ujeuri...ujeuri huo will be costly...I want you to know that even friendly fire kills,” warned Musyoka.

Kalonzo exuded confidence that NASA would win the august 8 polls as they had fixed all the loopholes that would prevent rigging.

“ Safari ile ingine nilikua mgombea mwenza, na tukaja Kasarani lakini wizi wa kimtandao ukatendeka.... (The other time I was the running mate and we came to Kasarani but votes were stolen electronically).” He said

" Yale yalifanyika 2013 hayawezi fanyika 2017 . Wizi wa kura hautaruhusiwa... ( What happened in 2013 will not happen in 2017. Rigging of votes will not be allowed), Kalonzo highlighted.

Kalonzo further hit out at the nomination losers seeking to run as independent candidates accusing them of lacking commitment to the Party and pursuing personal interests.

Raila Odinga was formally endorsed by over 4,000 ODM delegates and was given the ticket to face President Uhuru Kenyatta come August 8.



Sat, 05/06/2017 - 08:11

WEEEE Kalonzo wacha upus .... u bent over and let baba screw you one more time ... how then do you start giving your boss a warning ?? .... Kaa vizuri baba ajienjoyi ....

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