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Dubai, the 'Playground' for Kenyans

Dubai has been named one of the leading destinations of choice for more than 15 million visitors annually owing to its magnificent structures; shopping malls and other tourists’ attraction sceneries and Kenyans have not been left behind.

Kenya’s leading Tours and Travel Company, Bonfire Adventures has revealed how the number of Kenyans visiting the Middle East City has continued to rise each day.

According to Bonfires, in a month, they are able to organize Dubai trips for 200 to 500 Kenyans and more than 3,000 people during the Christmas holidays.

Bonfire Adventures chief executive, Simon Kabu says that when the company launched the Dubai package in 2012 the take up was slow and he had even contemplated reviewing it, but things would turn around later as the number of travelers continued to book places with the company, to even a point where travelers are paying in installments for such trips.

“In a year, we take between 5,000 and 10,000 Kenyans,’’ he told Business  Daily.

‘‘Dubai also tops the list of places where companies from Kenya reward their employees with a desert safari, whether during a normal month or in December,’’ Simon says.

Kabu reveals that apart from holidays and honey moons, some of their clients are Kenyan companies who send their employees for exchange programs while others travel to watch the Dubai Rugby Sevens and shop during the Gitex, Auto Mechanics, Arab Lab, Gulf Food Events and the Dubai Summer Supplies exhibitions.



Sat, 05/06/2017 - 11:57

I don't see what is so attractive about Dubai for me to vacation there but that is just me .... I would rather go somewhere in the jungles of this world , pristine beaches and blue waters.........

Dubai is a pile of concrete and glass build by 'slave' labor from south east Asia. It's too damn hot to go the beach unless you're trying to bake your @as.
The emirate Arabs don't like black people esp africans. Period. Most asians/Indians don't either. Unless you're african American with a boat load of cash to waste..e.g. rappers and b ballers.
Why take a vacation to Dubai to treated like crap by most locals and only to hang out with kenyans? I can hang out with kenyans in Kenya and if I want see a pile of concrete, city centre has enough and malls too.
For an kenyan/african, Dubai is good for one thing. Connecting your flight.

may be those vacationing there are kenyans that dont have african/black bloodline and can pass as non afticans.certainly I would not spent my money where iam not appreciated..

I agree with you Maxiley, most people that travel there could pass as non Africans or just deal with it. I have lived in the west for half my life and have come to believe that being culturally you is unique and people come to adore it. People need to stop acting like they are from a different Kenya when they visit places like this so that they can be socially accepted. No need to travel there when there is so much options in Kenya itself or other African countries . Case closed, next!

MOS, you are right, people will respect you when you proudly embrace your culture,or basically who you are.Let take music for example.When it comes to african music, many foreigners identify it with traditional songs-drums,nyatiti,and other african instruments.And it also pays to note that not many africans have made a successful cross over,especially trying to imitate another culture.
Finally, it crack me up when wafrica straight from the continent pronounce seattle as "siaro" or water as "wora",or atlanta as "atlarr"... If only they knew now ridiculous they sound.This attempt to sound like the native confuses him or her even more...
Let embrace cultural diversity.And I dont mean stuff like genital mutilation...

NANI? That is called maringo ya peni mbili. Whenever I see that around I just pity the ignorance of those kind of people. But petty things like those shouldn't bother you, just brush it off and fully engage in your present activity. Those kind of people are just attention seekers and when they don't get the attention they feel like loosers. Case closed, next!

Kenyan American

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 16:39

Aaaash...dont throw shade on Kenyans rhey trying to fit in. By the way, the twang comes all by itself after a while. This is how: there are Kenyans qho arrive in the US, stay with Kenyans and pursue what Kenyans advise them. In my over 10years abroad, I rarely find an African in my class, and I dont try to follow what Kenyans are doing. I go with my intellect and ability. I found myself strictly among whites for kitu 7 years, now in Illinois, a good mix of Indians and east europeans. I end up pickin how they talk, and before I knew it, it kicks in occasionally. Sasa nilie? I cannot explain drug regulation with a kyuk accent.

@kenyan American, ati twanging to fit in..heheh. Kenyans who studied in India don't go back home twanging with an Indian accent. Do they? Some of these guys come home from sijui kampuchea univ. with an American or British accent. Not "Allo yarr, that parrti was first class... numbarr one.."

I still have a kenyan accent by choice after six years in a small town with a state university, USA. I know I don't twang cos I'm told I still sound kenyan when I call nyumbani. I get along just fine with the people here. Maybe it's because I'm authentic.

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