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Kenyan Company Accused in Court of Harvesting, Selling Human Body Parts

New reports have emerged that a Kenyan company has been smuggling human body parts and shipping them abroad for sale. The Company is registered as Hussein Ali and Mukhtar Abasheikh at the registrar of companies.

This comes after the company’s co-founders and Business Associates Ali Hussein Ali and Ibrahim Mukhtar Abasheikh were charged in a Nairobi Court over allegations of trafficking body parts to India and China.

The court was told that the duo have been luring victims to Europe in the name of offering them good jobs and luxurious livelihoods but ends up holding them hostage and harvesting some of their body parts for export  to India, china and other countries.

Further, the court was told that Between November 2016 and April 2017, Ali and Absheikh received Sh3 Million from Abdikadir - a well-known operative of the Magafe Human Trafficking Network accused of trafficking human organs across the world.

According to evidence presented before the court, the two are accused of using the money to purchase pieces of land along the coast and a motor vehicle which has since been confiscated by police officers as evidence.

The two are said to have expanded the trafficking business to most African countries, Europe, India and China.

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