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Jubilee Raids NASA Strongholds in Vote Hunting Mission

The ruling Jubilee Party has embarked in a fierce campaign aimed at making inroads in key opposition strongholds in order to bag some votes in the August 8 polls.

While meeting leaders hailing from the Ukambani and western Kenya regions, Deputy President William Ruto asked the leaders to market the party’s manifesto to woo voters to vote Jubilee in the general election come august.

“We are proud of our scorecard and that is why we want to challenge our friends in the Opposition to tell us what they did for Kenyans when they served for years in Government instead of the rhetoric we are used to,” Ruto was quoted by the Standard.

The deputy President held a one-hour with leaders from four western counties of Bungoma, which has 559,897 registered voters, Kakamega with 746,877, Busia 347,911 and Vihiga 267,48 Which was followed by another meeting from Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s backyard of Makueni County.

The Deputy President hit out at the opposition, accusing them of using propaganda in order to confuse Kenyans. “You have the advantage because you can talk about roads, health, education, electricity and several other projects that we have implemented in the region,” he told them.

“In the last election we didn’t have strong candidates like you and this is a clear indication that we are going to win in Western and Kamba region this time round,” he said.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we have much more superior agenda to take this country to the next level than our competitors,” said Ruto.

A coordinating team to spearhead Jubilee campaigns in the two regions was formed during the meeting. “We have formed a strategic campaign team that will deliver votes to Jubilee,” revealed Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka.

Lusaka said that the western region was offered a raw deal in NASA by being offered non-existent positions.

“We are talking to those who didn’t win to stay on board and support the party. We now have a team player (UhuRuto) and are focused on the goal, strikers and the defense. Our colleagues in the Opposition have been promised no-existent things,” he lashed.

He continued: “Western has been played. We are not foolish. We did not support Jubilee in 2013 yet we got two Cabinet positions and a number of Parastatals’ and ambassadorial positions.”

In a continued charm offensive by Jubilee to Opposition strongholds, President Kenyatta is expected to meet Western leaders on Friday.


This is beautiful.People from western, the ukambani region and all the regions in Kenya.Let us support the Jubilee government.Let us all be part and parcel of the next jubilee government.The jubilee party has a superior agenda for the pursuit of Peace and Development in Kenya.

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