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Munya Accuses Uhuru of Abandoning the Ameru Despite the Region Voting Overwhelmingly for Jubilee

Meru Governor Peter Munya is accusing the Jubilee Administration of neglecting the Ameru despite voting overwhelmingly for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the last general elections.

Speaking in Tigania West, the Council of Governors’ Chairman said that Jubilee had failed to allocate any major project in Meru as it had done in other regions. "We have been begging the government to help us construct water dams and build roads, but our cries have fallen on deaf ears," said the governor.

Accompanied by other Meru leaders led by by aspiring Senator Mugambi Imanyara, Tigania West MP David Karithi, and woman representative aspirant Elizabeth Kailemia, the Meru county boss accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of sidelining the region despite remaining loyal to him.

"We have been begging the national government to help us to construct the Thangatha and Kianjuri dams to no avail. Yet we have seen the national government putting aside Sh60 billion for the construction of a dam in Makueni and Sh22 billion in Kericho counties. Why have they neglected us like this?" the governor asked. "In Bomet, which has only two constituencies, the national government has constructed 200 kilometers’ of roads while leaving out Meru," he added.

Munya declined to join the Jubilee Party, opting to remain in his Party of National Unity (PNU) under which is seeking to be re-elected Meru Governor.

Munya will be facing a fierce battle to retain his seat from his longtime friend and Jubilee’s Kiraitu Murungi in what is expected to be a battle for the titans.

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