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NASA's Plan the Coalition Says Will Send President Uhuru Kenyatta Home

Document prepared by the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) show that the coalition expects to win the Presidency by over nine million votes.

The documents also have NASA project that there will be an 85% turnout in the August polls, translating to 16,407,144 voters out of 19,302,522 registered voters countrywide.

NASA expects to garner 55.5% of the votes which translates to 9,109,344 votes as compared to Uhuru Kenyatta’s 44.4% of 7,297,800 votes winning the Presidency in the first round.

The coalition expects to bag a total 5.6 Million votes from its strongholds of Luhya Western, Kamba, and Luo Nyanza regions.

In swing counties/tribes, NASA projects to gather 2,835,118 votes  as follows; Maasai (256,118), Kisii (660,000), Somali (660,000), Mijikenda (680,000), Meru (74,000), Turkana (300,000), Teso (124,000) and Kuria (81,000).

The coalition further expects a total of 205,000 votes from Jubilee stronghold areas.

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, speaking to the Standard, said that he was confident that this plan will work in the August polls. “This time, we are ahead of them in this game. We have done our mathematics and we have the figures ready with us. Trust me, on August 8, we will have Jubilee for supper,” Junet stated.

President Uhuru and William Ruto defeated Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka in the 2013 presidential race after garnering 6,173,433 votes to the latter's 5,340,546 votes.


Sam Ingram

Mon, 05/01/2017 - 20:44

Nasa anticipates that they will win the election, with 3 months to go we still have no clue what they will do for the people of Kenya.

@Kamande. Jubilee said it was going to lower prices of Essential Goods and Services. Have prices gone down? No! Instead prices have SKYROCKETTED. So keep in mind that "promises of Jubilee or of man are "dump false." But keep on keeping your Head in Jubilee's Sand and see how far Common Mwanainchi is going to suffer. And ZFYI: Actions (not bla bla) speak Louder than WORDS of man (Words the WISDOM of GOD in RAILA is avoiding).

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