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Cable Cars Proposed to Ease Nairobi's Traffic Nightmare

The traffic nightmare in Nairobi and its environs could be a thing of the past should the government adopt the new proposal to introduce cable cars in the city.

According to Marc Funda, who is an Austrian urban design and planning expert, the plan could be in operation in two to three years if the proposal is adopted. “The idea is to introduce fleets of large gondolas capable of carrying up to 35 people each, the same as a large bus or three vans,” Funda told People Daily.

Cable cars are capable of ferrying 4,000 commuters an hour while using little energy and have little environment pollution.

Funda, who conducted 24 months study of a number of aspects of traffic congestion in Nairobi says that he is convinced that time is ripe for Nairobi to adopt the mode of transport.

Eastlands is recommended to pilot the project due to its close proximity to the CBD and its large population.

“We started toying with the idea of making it possible for Nairobi’s commuters to move in cable cars one year ago. We are convinced this is a good idea for this city that has suffered from perennial traffic congestion,”he said.

A recent Commuter Pain index survey placed Nairobi was fourth worst followed by Mexico City, Shenzen and Johannesburg.


How about moving the administrative offices places like Isiolo,Kabsabet...ect. With today's technology,business will not suffer.Think of how many people will move along with the business.Yes it may take awhile to build,but think of the employment to be created in the process,and the eventual thinning of over crowding...

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