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Waiguru Writes Letter to Kirinyaga Residents after Clinching Jubilee Ticket

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru has written a letter to the people of Kirinyaga days after she won the Jubilee party ticket to contest for Kirinyaga Govenor in the August 8 elections.

In the letter, Waiguru thanks the people of Kirinyaga for voting for her, urges her opponents in the primary election to unite towards the goal of re-electing President Uhuru, and pledges to work hard once in office to make Kirinyaga the most developed county in Kenya.

Waiguru floored the incumbent Governor Joseph Ndathi to win the highly sought Jubilee Party ticket in the Mt Kenya region.

Here is the letter:

To the people of Kirinyaga,

The contest for Jubilee ticket in the Kirinyaga governorship race has been tense and tasking, and I would not have done it without your support.

You saw through the heart-rending propaganda directing at me with the aim of tiring my spirit and proved all the naysayers wrong.

In the face of all the negativity and victimisation, you stood by me, supported my candidature and turned out in large numbers to vote for me.

From Mwea to Gichugu, from Ndia to Kirinyaga Central, you turned out - men, women and the youth - persevered the blistering morning cold and the scorching sun throughout the day to let your voices be heard.

The victory in the just concluded nomination is not just for me, but for you too.

It is a testimony to the entire country that the people of Kirinyaga are politically mature and insusceptible to outside influence.

To my opponents Joseph Ndathi, Joseph Gitari and Eliud Wanjao, we all are part of the Jubilee family and the just concluded nominations should not divide us.

Let us all join hands as we head to the August 8 elections to ensure Jubilee wins in the governorship race, and President Uhuru Kenyatta wins the presidential election by encouraging our respective supporters to rally behind the party.

We all want the same thing, to make Kirinyaga the most developed county in Kenya with the improved road network, jobs for our youth, expanded agricultural sector, established business community, better health care and education sector and improved living standards for our people.

Let’s work together to ensure Kirinyaga rises to greater heights.

God Bless You.

Waiguru will be facing NARC-Kenya leader and former Gichugu legislator, Martha Karua in what is tipped to be a fierce ballet between two Kirinyaga ‘Iron ladies’.

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