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Switzerland Recovers Sh200 Million Anglo Leasing Loot, to Refund to Kenya

Switzerland Recovers Sh200 Million Anglo Leasing Loot, to Refund to Kenya

The Swiss government has announced that it will be confiscating assets worth Ksh200 million related to the Anglo-Leasing Scandal that saw Kenya lose billions of money.

According to the Swiss Ambassador Ralf Heckner, Switzerland will be returning the assets that were looted from Kenya once the court in Switzerland gives its verdict.

Speaking during the of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Swiss and Government of Kenya, Kenya Attorney General Githu Muigai said that the agreement will help in confiscating illegally acquired assets and repatriating criminals.

“This MOU is a reassurance to Kenyans that the days of thieves are numbered. You can run but you no longer have a hiding place because our partners are supporting us in this fight,” noted Prof Githu.

Githu said that Kenya has been facing challenges in recovering assets hidden abroad by criminals due to international legal barriers, adding that the government was determined to break the barriers and recover the stolen assets.

“We are at an advanced stage to conclude a comprehensive agreement with the United Kingdom. In a few weeks’ time, Kenya will sign an MOU with the government of China on the same,” added Githu.

Heckner said that Switzerland and Kenya will work closely together to tame criminals and corruption.



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