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Kenyan School Ranked Most Expensive in Africa at Sh2.7 Million Tuition Per Year

Kenyan School Ranked Most Expensive in Africa at Sh2.7 Million Tuition Per Year

A new survey has named the International School of Kenya (ISK) as the most costly institution in Africa.

The survey, which was conducted by the International Schools Database, found that ISK is the most expensive school in Africa after it was found to charge parents Sh2.7 million per child a year.

Rosslyn Academy, Banda School and Kenton Preparatory School came second, third and fourth respectively, charging Sh1.5 million per year.

The report also listed Hillcrest and other elite international schools whose tuition fees ranged between Sh428, 000 and Sh1.4 million.

According to the survey, most of the posh institutions were found in Kenyan Capital City, Nairobi.

Shanghai - China is the city with most expensive international schools with its schools averaging Sh3.4 fees per student in one year.

"To calculate the price of international schools, we used the whole price of a full term for a six-year-old child, excluding one-time fees like enrollment fee and application fee," read the survey.


Realistically Most of these are more Expensive for nothing and more useless/White Elephants than the Village Schools I went to. They're EXPENSIVE yet very good at raising Wakoras, Conmen, and Lazy Bums.

You are right Guest 1. if the curriculum is the same for all schools, idont see any advantage these expensive schools offer, that the non expensive school do...other than prestige and ego displaying board.
Teachers who teach these schools are not, I hope more qualified than those who teach non expensive schools.
In my opinion, these expensive schools are there just to separate - Joe-six -pac kids from those who are the elite of the society... they cannot make a dummy rich kid score 24oo on SAT,unless ofcourse the exams are known in advance. We all know about cheating is schools...
Mwakilishi has done a good job on exposing this vice...

I agree with you. Teachers go to the same teachers training schools. Apart from prestige they are not better than local top schools. After all these students that goes to those international schools will meet with 8-4-4 students in the Universities whether in Kenya or overseas. But if you can afford to take your kids to those elite school good for you.


Mon, 05/01/2017 - 07:22

I actually have never understood that reasoning. U see the kids go to this expensive secluded schools, then come out to fight for spots at the public Universities...eeeh? Join USIU or go abroad...since you gats money.

See, the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons...their kids went to Elite Sidwell or Phillips Andover then head to Kina Brown, Havard....places where the can pay to get in. Those schools are justified elite...ukitoka Sidwell, ni Havard and those kinds of places.

This Kenya wannabes need to decide.

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