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Accept and Move On, Kalonzo Tells Kamba Leaders Opposed to Raila as NASA Flag Bearer

National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential running mate Kalonzo Musyoka has responded to a section of Kamba leaders opposed to the new NASA power sharing lineup that named ODM leader Raila Odinga as the presidential flag bearer, telling them to 'accept the decision and move on'.

Kalonzo was responding to a section of Kamba leaders led by minority leader in the National Assembly Francis Nyenze and former Wiper chairman David Musila, who claimed that Kambas were given a law deal in the new lineup.

"A decision was made, we need to accept and move as Kenyans," Kalonzo was quoted by the Star.

The leaders said that it was going to be hard to sell Raila Odinga to Kambas who were waiting for their son to be named the NASA presidential flag bearer.

“ Musyoka had assured us that he will not take anything less than the presidency and that is the message we passed to our people in Ukambani. How then do we go back and tell them that he will be deputy President?” Nyenze asked.

The legislators said that an MOU entered between Wiper and ODM stating that Kalonzo was to be named as the 2017 Presidential flag bearer ought to have been honored.

“We have to be told what changed and I will not shy away from highlighting these issues as the Kamba got a raw deal,” Nyenze insisted.


Will there ever be atime when Kenyans will stop looking at national figures from a tribal angle? To say that Kamba got a raw deal is to insult Kalonzo.Yes accept and move on. Elections are not won by one tribe.

Kamba people should have learned long time ago not to trust Kalonzo. He is highly unstable person. I question his sanity. He is the most flip-flopper person I have ever come across. He does not care about Kamba people at all. He has grabbed more of their land than any other politician since Kenya's independence. He is only in NASA to satisfy his ego. He has no agenda whatsoever. Mutua is far better a leader than him by far. There is a famine roaming in Ukambani and wait and see where will be.

@Dr Koni.I predict that come August.Kamba's are going to vote for Jubilee.I think that the Kamba people are fed up of being taken for a ride by Raila and the ODM leadership.I heard Orengo telling Nyenze that he is being primitive.While all Nyenze is trying to do is advocate for the Kamba People.It is time for Kambas to vote Jubilee and be a part and parcel of the next Jubilee Government.

Hi guys.Did You watch what Farah Maalim said about. if NASA vote tally is different from the IEBC vote tally then they would declare their own president .These Nasa Hyenas are nuts.They don't seem to care about causing post election chaos.They are just interested in Power.This is disgusting.I urge all Kamba people to seriously consider voting for Jubilee Government.Do not allow Kalonzo to drive the Kamba community away from the Government.It is time that the ordinary mwananchi regardless of whether they are Kikuyu,Kamba, Luhya, Luo, or Swahili.To decide that they are not going to allow these Nasa Hyenas to lead the country to chaos.Let us all vote for Jubilee.So that we can have a resounding victory for Jubilee.A victory of upwards of 70%.Therefore denying these Nasa hyenas any chance for causing chaos in Kenya.

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