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Wamatangi Reveals How Kabogo Crafted His Own Downfall

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi says that Governor William Kabogo’s embarrassing and humiliating loss to Waititu in the just concluded nominations was predicted a long ago.

Wamatangi, who was speaking on Speaking on Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast Show, said Kabogo’s defeat was not in any way a surprise.

According to the outspoken senator, Governor Kabogo crafted his own downfall when he stopped listening to Mwananchi. “Kabogo created his own downfall from the moment he started sidelining Kiambu people,” the senator said during the interview.

The legislator said that the fall of many politicians in the nominations exercise has serve as a wake-up call to leaders who serve their own interests at the expense of common citizens. “Kenyans are frustrated with mediocre leadership and will not hesitate to kick out such leadership,” he added.

Governor Kabogo lost the race for Jubilee party ticket to Ferdinand Waititu who garnered 353,604 votes against Kabogo’s 69,916.

Wamatangi was declared the winner for the Kiambu Senate ticket after defeating his rival, Karungo wa Thangwa by over 30,000 votes.

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