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Outgoing Kenyan MCAs to Earn Free Salaries For Eight Months until March, 2018

Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) have been handed a major boost after the court ruled that they will receive their salaries until March 2018 and not August 2017. Making the ruling, the High Court said that the current constitution allows MCAs a five-year term which will elapse in March, 2018.

According to Justice Chacha Mwita, the MCAs have a right for their salaries which is enshrined in the constitution. The Judge was making a ruling in a case filed by two members of the County Assembly Forum, Andrew Kiplimo Sang and Richard Ouma.

"In the law, the five-year term for current MCAs comes to an end in March and as such, they are entitled to salary until that time," Chacha stated.

Earlier, the MCAs through the Assembly Forum chairperson Nahu Nassir threatened not to vacate office until 2018 when their term expires.

“Any electoral commission that holds elections for MCAs next year will be doing so in vain. Those elected next year will have to wait until we complete our term,” Nassir said.

There is a total of 2526 MCAs from 47 counties with each member earning a basic salary of Sh165,00 per month.

The ruling, if not appealed will see the taxpayers cough a whopping Sh2.9 billion to pay the legislators, some of whom will no longer be serving having been voted out, from August, 2017 to March, 2018.

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