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Joho: I'm President Uhuru's Number One Enemy

The bad blood between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho is not about to end after the controversial governor continued with his attacks at the President.

Speaking at Uhuru Park grounds on Thursday, Nairobi, Joho accused the Head of State and his Deputy of terribly failing Kenyans.

Joho said that he was the number one enemy of the two for telling them the truth on how they they failed Kenyans since they rose to power. "I am the number one enemy of President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Jubilee has failed us, and we are not giving them any chance to continue doing so,'' said Joho during the Nasa flag bearer rally, Thursday.

The governor accused the government of launching mega projects in order to steal from Kenyans.

Joho questioned the recent move by the government to build an inland port in Naivasha as a plot to deny the people working at the Mombasa ports their jobs.

He further poked holes on different dam construction projects launched by the government, accusing some top leaders of wanting to direct water from these dams to their private farms.

The ODM deputy party leader urged Kenyans to remain peaceful even as NASA prepares to take over leadership from Jubilee in the August polls.

Joho was speaking at an event at Uhuru Park where Raila Odinga was named as the NASA flag bearer, with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka as his running mate.



Joho, spend some time telling us what YOU have done for the people....the people know what Jubilee has and hasn't done. Distraction of attention or what?

Uhuru has no time the juvenile war of words Joho wants to indulge in. President Uhuru knows fully well the consequences of wrestling with a pig.
Joho should be more concerned with his own survival than with Uhuru. Not only has been mentioned as one of those in the list of DEA drug lords, he is known the world over as a terrorist financial controller. Oh I was in America and am going back there in may; utter-nonsense, American investigators are not curved from the Kenyan CID, The will not treat you as a suspect as long as you are one. Joho would have been better off denied a visa that given one. He should be more scared that he can get a visa even with his criminal tag hanging on his neck.
The fake academic background is another issue that Joho can not wish a way as long as he is fight. Uganda has college results which don't support your being their. Kenyan KCSE results completely deffer with what you have been submitting in Colleges and offices. So please shut up and pray.

Sam Ingram

Sat, 04/29/2017 - 15:43

The ODM deputy party leader urged Kenyans to remain peaceful even as NASA prepares to take over leadership from Jubilee in the August polls.It is wise to count your chicks after they hatch.

Pastor John Ki…

Sun, 06/11/2017 - 09:42

Greetings Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta and your DP.its election that caused This Promblem That even my Children could not lear whoever heres my Cry let him inform The President and his DP Please from 2007.My daughter she was supposed to join form one at Apperhill Mixed Day Secondary School at Nakuru.But because of lack of School fees she is at Home.

My Other daughter was supposed to join College this year,but l was not able she at Home Please Mr President Uhuru and DP.Hon Rais Uhuru Na Naibu Wako, Mimi Ni lntergretend I.D.P Na inimekuwa nikijaribu Kuwa nikitafuta Msasda Kwako.Niliathiriwa 2007 na vitu Zangu Zote Zikakwisha pamka Watoto wangu wakakosa Kusoma wako manyunbani.Ni maombi yangu niweze kupata msaada kwcho wewe Rais Uhuru na Naibu wako,mimi Niko Nakuru County,kwa hivyo Rais Uhuru tafadhali sikia kiilio changu na unisaidie kwa maana Election ili niletea shida pamka sasa.

Ni Mimi John Kinthia Muregi 0721683542

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