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Kabogo Suffers Major Defeat in Bid to Retain Kiambu Governor's Seat, Loses Nomination to Waititu

Incumbent Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has suffered a shocking defeat to his bid to retain the governor’s seat after being defeated in the Jubilee Party nomination by Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu.

Addressing the media on Tuesday night while conceding the election, Kabogo said his time as governor was well worth it, and wished Waititu as well as the people of Kiambu well. “I wish Waititu well and to the people of Kiambu, it was worth it,” said Kabogo.

Without naming the individuals in person, Waititu said that “huge powers want to keep me away.”

Waititu garnered 353,604 votes, with Kabogo getting a platry 69,916.



Tue, 04/25/2017 - 18:03

Nobody voted for waititu .. we simply voted against arrogance of the highest order .. hata kama kabogo was running against a live cow mooooo mooooo .. i would have voted for the cow ... now the chemist can concentrate on his core business ... good ridance

Ati akipea wanawake pesa (ksh300) aliwaambia wapange laini wawili wawili kama matiti ya umbwa.
Wengine walipatiwa mia nne nne akawaambia wakanunue bikers na bras

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