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Kenyan Home Owners Face Jail, Sh1 Million Fine Beginning Next Month For Not Installing Solar Power

Kenya's Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has put on notice owners of large residential and commercial buildings who have not installed solar water heaters in their premises.

The commission says building owners risk going to jail or a Sh1 million fine beginning next month when the body begins to enforce compliance with a law that came into force five years ago.

The law requires owners of residential and commercial houses to install solar water heating systems in their buildings. The law is only applicable to owners whose hot water needs exceed 100 liters per day.

In a notice, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that it will begin enforcing the Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2012 on May 27 when the grace period it provided last year comes to an end. “Beginning next month, ERC and police officers attached to the commission will start conducting surveillance to ascertain compliance,” Pavel Oimeke, the ERC’s acting director-general, said.

“Where we confirm non-compliance, the law requires that we issue the building owner with a six-month notice to install the equipment failing which we shall charge them.”he continued.

This solar law covers residential premises (three-bedrooms and above), health institutions, restaurants, hotels, boarding schools and other similar commercial operations.

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