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ODM Officials Hospitalized after Brutal Attacks by Rowdy Youths

Several Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) officials are recuperating at a Migori hospital following a brutal attack by Orange party supporters in Migori County.

Rowdy youths stormed St John’s Seminary Rakwaro Catholic Church where the officials were undergoing a training to prepare for the nominations scheduled for Monday. Victims, who were presiding officers, said that the group was ferried in by two pickups armed with crude weapons.

The group of youths claimed that the officers had been planning to rig the ODM nominations in favor of one candidate.

Residents were forced to intervene to rescue the officers from the youths who were baying for their blood.

Migori Police Commander David Kirui while confirming the incident said that 20 suspects had been apprehended in connection to the attack. The county police boss assured that there will be enough security ahead of the much anticipated ODM primaries in Migori.



Sat, 04/22/2017 - 20:44

Why is there always violence in these campaigns especially in Western Kenya? Do these people know the value of voting really? If you want someone to win, get off your behind and go and vote then let me and the other person vote. On whoever we want to vote for. Is that hard to understand?


Sun, 04/23/2017 - 08:44

What we need in kenya is people to stand up against system......we changed katiba but not working ...we keep voting but nothing changes but to enrich few and give them big pay and retirement benefits.

Kenyans plz lets not be cheated katiba is will never.
1.we have to take country ourdelf just like Georgia did.
2.lets not build higheays and demolish or disqulify kioks as biz houses....we need economy for all not for super hitchhh....big hotels ..malls.
3.need overhaul and merging of police force...
4.katiba must be changed to reduce mps to 100 and must be volunteers with jobs in other places.
5.scrap county gavanas and replace them with non need of bloated gavament all over.....when kenyans are sufferings.
6.scraps 95% of commissions and those that temain must be accountable to people no toad side declaration like all houses using 100litres per day must intall solar heaters....surely this is dictatorial and corruption of highest order.

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