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Nairobi Governor Aspirant Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Caught on VIDEO Dishing Out Cash Handouts to Youth

A video has emerged on the internet of Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Bishop Margaret Wanjiru dishing out cash handouts to a group of youth ahead of the Jubilee nominations on Monday.

In the video, the former Starehe MP, who is wearing a Jubilee outfit, is seen holding a wad of cash in her hand as a group of youth surrounds her car. She is seen handing cash to each one of those in the crowd who reach out for it. One person in the video can be heard complaining that Sh50 is too little an amount to push his way through the crowd over.

Wanjiru is running for the Nairobi Governor Jubilee nomination against Mike Sonko and Peter Kenneth.

Kenyan electoral laws ban candidates from giving cash to voters in exchange for votes, with those found guilty of the offense risk being banned from contesting. There is no word yet on whether IEBC is reviewing the video or if they will take any action against her.



Sat, 04/22/2017 - 14:39


Mhudumu Wanjiru should be disqualified immediately from running for any public office. With this kind of evidence, you have absolutely no excuse for not disqualifying her in any future elections.
The other candidate who should be disqualified immediately is Mhudumu Chirchir Arap Ruto. Why, the man is so wreck less and immoral that he fathered a child out of wedlock and yet he goes to church every Sunday and has built a house worth a billion shillings.

We need role models for the future of our country to run for public office: not as "waheshimiwa," but as the "WAHUDUMU," the servants of the people. We pay them.

IEBC we are watching you 24/7 365!

Wambui Karago

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:22

devil bishop she is ! semi -illiterate, liar and corrupt .
Wanjiru and her kind should never be allowed to hold a public office . including hiding behind the name God

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