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KDF Kills 52 Al Shabaab Terrorists

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) on Friday had a successful attack on Somalia based terrorist group, Alshabaab during a sting operation in the Badhaadhe region of lower Juba, killing 52 of them.

In a statement, KDF Spokesman Colonel Joseph Owuoth divulged that the operation was conducted after a tip-off from intelligence agents who spotted the terrorists in lower Juba. "The intelligence-led operation was conducted after surveillance assets sighted Al Shabaab terrorists in the location. Ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire were employed to neutralize the camp thereafter," Owuoth's statement read in part.

Several other terrorists escaped with injuries after the Kenya defense forces overwhelmed them during the operation.

Owuoth revealed that the soldiers managed to completely destroy the Al Shabaab camp in Badhaadhe and nabbed a host of crude weapons used by the terrorists in their attacks. "We managed to recover seven AK rifles, one gun, two phones, 104 bullets, 3 IED, assorted IED making material and foodstuff," Owuoth was quoted on the Star.

This comes barely weeks after another operation killed 15 Al Shabaab terrorists west of Catamaa.

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