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New Orders Issued over Uhuru's Stolen Car

A case in which five suspects are accused of forcefully stealing President Uhuru Kenyatta's car has taken another twist following an new order.

A Nairobi court on Thursday directed seven police officers to testify in the case after it was discovered that they had severally skipped the proceedings.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi directed that the officers appear before the court on June 19 when the case will be heard.

This followed concerns raised by prosecutor Celestine Oluoch who submitted that the officers from the Flying Squad unit would not be reached by phone after being transferred to stations outside Nairobi.

According to Oluoch, the witnesses had been requested to appear for the proceedings on numerous occasions but were yet to do so.

“Some of the police officers have switched off their cell phones yet they have been served with court summons,” he stated.

The suspects are accused of stealing the presidential escort car three years ago before it was traced and recovered in Uganda by the Flying Squad.

They are said to have ambushed the President's aide identified as David Maina and escaped with the Sh 1.2 Million Mercedes Benz.



Fri, 04/21/2017 - 08:29

If "theft' has reached such a high level where the car of Uhuru can be stolen, why should Jubilee alliance ask the people to be re-elected when the state of the current daily affairs in Kenya has gone to the dogs?

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