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Malaria, Pneumonia Named Top Killers in Kenya

A recent report indicates that the total number of deaths in the country fell to 190,637 in 2016 from 202,220 a year earlier, according to the 2017 Economic Survey.

Data from the survey shows that pneumonia and malaria remained the top two deadly diseases in Kenya, killing 21,295 and 16,000 people last year down from 22,473 and 20,691 recorded in 2015 respectively.

However, there was a significant  decline in malaria deaths which the study attributed to interventions such as increased use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, residual sprays, increased supply of anti-malaria drugs as well early diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer remained stubborn as the third-leading killer disease in Kenya, up 0.3 per cent, after claiming 15,762 lives.

HIV/Aids was fourth, claiming 9,471 lives down from 11,131.

Deaths from TB, the fifth top killer, fell by more than half to 4,375 from 10,183 in 2015.

Anaemia, heart disease and meningitis caused the deaths of 8,165, 5,799 and 4,374 people, respectively.

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