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Ruto: I'll Deliver 1.5 Million Votes to NASA

Bomet governor Isaac Ruto has dismissed claims that his move to opposition alliance, NASA is inconsequential adding that he has a huge following.

Ruto has said he will deliver not less than 1.5 M votes to his new political partners.

“We are not going to split Rift Valley but I am going to look for NASA votes all over the region. This is not about Kalenjins, it is about liberating Kenya," Ruto said.

"There are those who will vote for DP Ruto but several will back me. I will deliver more than 1.5 M votes to NASA,” he added.

The Bomet County governor urged leaders and the electorate to stop focusing on monetary aspects of leadership and prioritize ideas that encourage development.

The fearless governor added that his contribution to opposition coalition, NASA is majorly ideological as opposed to financial.

“I bring in NASA fresh blood, ideologies and strategies. It is not about money but development oriented ideas,” Ruto said.

However, his impact is yet to be seen and the August 8th polls will act as a litmus paper to test his influence in the Rift-Valley.

Ruto was speaking on an Interview on Citizen TV show JKL live on Wednesday night.


Mkenya halisi

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 22:05

Haaaaaaa 1.5m nishia nyukwa ruto.Kalenjins will vote overwhelmingly for William Ruto.Ur finished as a governor,ur bin used to divide southrift votes n trust me ur going to b one time governor.Already jubilee was winning 70+1 but probably it has gone dwn to 65+1.U could have relaxed n put yr pride dwn n support William but it's yr choice thou .

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