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NGO Files Case in the High Court to Bar Raila from Running for Office

A human rights advocate has filed a petition in the High Court to bar former Prime Minister and ODM leader Raila Odinga from running for office.

Robert Onyango with the Human Rights Africa NGO says Raila has been mentioned in several mega scandals that have never been resolved, and therefore does not meet the integrity requirements as defined in Chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution.

 “The 1st respondent in particular, has never been publicly cleared of wrongdoings or involvement in the said scandals. Therefore, substantive questions of the 1st respondent’s integrity, both of his person and character on his suitability to vie for public or state office remain unanswered,” the petition from Human rights Africa through Onyango reads.

Onyango cited Raila’s alleged involved in the Maize, Triton, Molasses and Dominion Farms scandals, and in addition to being barring Raila from office, wants the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) as well as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to charge him in the alleged involvement in the scandals.

The NGO also wants Raila to be compelled to produce his Master of Science in Mechanics degree certificate, saying the former Prime Minister has never provided evidence that he indeed attained the master’s degree.

“The 1st respondent has always claimed publicly that he attended university between the years of 1965-1970 to study a Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering. So far, he has only produced a certificate acquired in the years of 1962-1965, Certificate of Higher Education from Herder Institute, Leipzig, German Democratic Republic, with competence in German Language. The lack of clarity emanates from the fact that the university in which the 1st Respondent claims to have attended only recently became a university and hence could not by all means have conferred a degree in 1970,” the petition reads.


Ok Human Rights people: Where were when Human Rights were being VIOLATED in 2007-2008?Therefore, where were you to BAR Uhuru from Running (for office) in 2013? Buure Kabisa nyinyi!

"Onyango cited Raila’s alleged involved in the Maize, Triton, Molasses and Dominion Farms scandals".Again this idea that Nasa Hyenas would some how cure the corruption problems in the country is just stupid nonsense.If anything, Nasa Hyenas would only loot more.That is why I say. Stick with Jubilee, we all have more of a chance of peace and development with them.

Joe Kamande

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 17:20

Let RAO answer the charges in court. He's a grown up and can speak for himself. Give us the certificate in question and explain your role in the corruption scandals. Otherwise, how can we believe you when you accuse others of lesser crimes? Over to you Raila. Is Transparency your forte?I hope so

This an absolute attempt to either distruct IEBC from its primary duty of readying the electorate for the August polls or just seeking public sympathy for Raila. I can understand questioning Joho's academic papers but questioning those of Raila's, uhuru, etc is ridiculous. These useless activists should leave the electorate to decide at the ballot and not misuse the court system. The party of Only D Minus (ODM) should however instruct Joho to come clean about how he got admitted to the UON with a D- Grade

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