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Isaac Ruto Joins Opposition Coalition NASA

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto on Tuesday announced that he had formally joined opposition outfit, National Super Alliance (NASA).

According to the outspoken Bomet county boss the other four National Super Alliance (NASA) principals had agreed to treat him  as an equal partner in the coalition.

The Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) made the announcement after extended consultations with elders, former leaders and professionals from Bomet County.

“As CCM we are now supporting NASA and as a party leader, I am becoming the fifth principal and will fight for space and negotiate within the coalition summit,” the Governor told Journalists in a presser.

Ruto received backing from Kipsigis elders, led by Myoot Bomet County Chairman Milgo arap Barta and Kipsigis Clans Association chairman Edwin Kimetto.

 “As elders we now back the negotiations and ask Governor Ruto to speak on behalf of the Kipsigis community within NASA.”  Kimetto was quoted on the Nation newspaper.

The defiant governor further said that working with Deputy President William Ruto had become impossible due to their ideological differences.

He further pointed fingers at the Deputy President accusing him of being against devolution of resources to the grassroots .

Ruto als took the opportunity to explain why he chose not to join Jubilee Party last year, when 11 parties were dissolved to form the merger.

“There is no way I am going to demolish my house (CCM) and move into another man’s house (Jubilee) with my children and grand-children in tow. It is only an insane person who can do that,” the governor stated.

Ruto is expected to join other NASA principals when they converge to deliberate on the Coalition’s presidential flag-bearer in the August 8th general elections.


This man, Isaack Ruto is delusional to think Raila Odinga or Kalonzo Musoyoka will treat him as equal. Like Mudavadi and Kalonzo he will soon realize it's all but a sweet talk from Raila. Politicians sometimes behaves like little kids when they are promised candies. A candy taste good but it's not good for your health. Soon or later it will dawn to this misguided politician that the choice he made will lead him to self-destruction.


Wed, 04/19/2017 - 12:46

My comments are not directed to Ruto or Raila. I have been listening to potential candidates in the forth coming elections addressing their audience in their indigenous languages. This is wrong. Why? Everyone who attends the political rally is not necessary fluent in all the 42 distinct micro- nations that make up the Republic of Kenya! However, majority of the people of Kenya do understand Kiswahili - the language of the common mwananchi.
Anyone addressing the people in his/her indigenous language should be disqualified immediately.

I have one particular person in mind who uses insults when addressing the public in his indigenous language and when he switches the language and uses Kiswahili, he says totally different themes from what he had said in his indigenous language.

We need to elect national leaders who can rescue our nation from its current state of corruption and insecurity.

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