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MP Aspirant Denies Staging His Own Disappearance to Win Sympathy Votes

Charles Chege, a Kabete constituency aspirant for Jubilee nomination for the MP seat, has denied allegations that he crafted his own disappearance to make headlines and get sympathy votes.

Chege, popularly known as Chege Fresh, was reported missing on Friday night. His Toyota Prado was found on Saturday abandoned near a dam and riddled with bullet holes but Chege was nowhere to be found and police launched an investigation into his disappearance.

Chege later surfaced in Narok town two days later on Sunday, but has not explained the mysterious set of events, only saying he did not stage-manage his disappearance. “How can the number one hide himself yet he has already won the monition and the election?” quipped Chege.

A huge crowd of supporters on Wednesday escorted the aspirant as he went to the police King’eero Police Station to record a statement.

Kabete OCPD later said Chege recorded a statement at King’eero Police Station, and that police are still conducting investigations.

Chege is running in the Jubilee nomination scheduled for Friday, April 21st for the Kabete MP seat to replace current MP Ferdinand Waititu, who is vacating the seat to run for Kiambu governor. He has vied for the seat twice before and lost both times.

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