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Kabete MP Aspirant Charles Chege Missing, His Vehicle Found Riddled with Bullets

Charles Chege, an aspirant for the Kabete MP seat has gone missing. Chege, popularly known as “Chege Fresh”, was reported missing on Friday night.

His vehicle, a white Toyota Prado, was found riddled with bullets near  Rungiri Dam in Gitaru area early Saturday.

Chege, who is vying for the Jubilee nomination for the Kabete parliamentary seat, was last seen on Friday evening coming from a meeting he had attended to plan on the details of his campaign manifesto launch scheduled for Saturday.

Kabete OCPD Joseph Ongaya says a resident called King’eero Police Station around 3am Saturday to report gunshots. Officers who reported to the scene found the white Prado that had been riddled with bullets and had its windshield smashed. They also found two bullet shells near the vehicle and two mobile phones inside the Prado that are believed to be Chege’s.  The phones had been turned off and there was no one inside the vehicle. There also were no signs of blood stains on the vehicle or the surrounding area.

“When our officers arrived, they told us it was Chege’s vehicle and that no one was around. They said there were no blood stains," Ongaya told reporters.

Police towed the vehicle to King’eero Police Stations and have questioned the driver. No suspect has been arrested so far in the disappearance.

Chege is running to succeed current Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, who is leaving the seat to run for Kiambu Governor.

Chege’s supporters held demonstrations in several trading centers in Kabete demanding for quick investigations into Chege’s disappearance, who they say is approachable and development-oriented.

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