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Eric Omondi’s Italian Fiancé Faces Wrath of Kenyans on Social Media

Eric Omondi’s Italian Fiancée Faces Wrath of Kenyans on Social Media

Comedian Eric Omondi’s fiancé is facing the wrath of Kenyans on social media, commonly known as #KOT.

Omondi posted a video online of his fiancé, Italian-born Chantal Grazioli, teasing monkeys with a banana. Standing behind a glass window, Chantel is seen waving a banana to two monkeys as they desperately struggle to grab it  -  which of course was no possible with the transparent glass barrier.

Though the couple thought the video was a fun moment to share with their fans, Kenyans did not take that lightly, and accused Chantel of animal cruelty.

Here is some of #KOT’s reactions:

  • dunkahiga:This is rude… Sheme om you @ericomondi for taking such an act as a joke. I am dissaponted in you. Now ur girlfriend does not seem beautiful at all with such a heart.
  • fayguapa: Not funny at all, what an idiot of a girlfriend you have. And you @ericomondi happy about it so sickening
  • samir_princeI: would prefer doing it to you than the innocent animal
  • pat_mwas: Na vile anacheka kama nugu she is very heartless na ata wewe eric atakufanyia ivo akipatana na fred
  • edd_eddy13She should be arrested and charged " Animal right activist 🤣😂
  • jeane_bra_ita😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Comedian Eric Omondi, Fiance Chantal Grazioli face wrath of Kenyans

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