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United Nations Accuses Kenyan Politician of Threatening South Sudan Dissidents

A Kenyan politician has been accused of making veiled threats against South Sudan opposition group members who are based in Kenya.

The allegations have been made by a new United Nations report which cites a number of Facebook posts made by the politician. Weston Wanjohi Wahome, who is contesting for Roysambu constituency MP on a National Vision Party ticket, made the Facebook remarks that are translated as threatening to the said groups.

According to the report, Wahome “calls himself the regional coordinator of the Friends of South Sudan in East Africa,” the UN panel said as quoted on Business Daily.

The report says that Wahome's Facebook post “taunted” the Spokesman of the South Sudan opposition, James Gatdet Dak who was arrested and detained by Kenya six months ago

Human Rights Watch in January said that Gatdet was being held, without charge.

“Say hi to Mathiang Anyoor!”,  Wahome wrote on Facebook in a posting referring to Gatdet.

According to the UN report, Mathiang Anyoor is a Dinka tribal militia group that has spearheaded South Sudan government offensives that have targeted civilians as well as rebel forces.

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