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US Doctor Charged with Female Genital Mutilation Has Ties to Kenya

A doctor who was arrested in the United States for practicing with Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has links in Kenya.

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors told a Detroit court that the 44-year-old woman by the name, Jumana Nagarwala should not be granted bail on fears that she could possibly flee to Kenya or India.

Nagarwala has been practicing medicine at a Detroit hospital, but was last week arrested while boarding her flight to Kenya.

The court was told that the doctor was on her way to visit two of her children studying at a boarding school in Nairobi.

Nagarwala risks being handed a lifetime imprisonment if convicted on charges of female genital mutilation.



Thu, 04/20/2017 - 18:10

Every society no matter how decadent it is, delays a few activities until maturity. One of them is alcohol. I was circumcised by an incompetent circumciser at the age of twelve and almost lost my life. After looking at this issue closely and globally, I have come to learn that societies that practice male circumcision is definitely in the minority. Male and female circumcision makes no sense at all. It is a practice deeply rooted in mental and physical control. Just like alcohol, it should be delayed and left to the individual person to decide to go for it or not. Below you will find a list of a few issues that should be left to the individual to decide when they attain the age of 18.
1. Circumcision.
2. Taking alcoholic beverages.
3. Taking any drink with caffeine or sugar.
4. Eating meat.
5. Any form of religious indoctrination.
6. Joining any kind of military training and joining the army.
7. Eating any kind of processed foods and drinks full of artificial ingredients and salt.
8. Joining any organization that teaches any form of "genetically based discrimination."

Wow!!! if convicted she could face life imprisonment. If she conducted the mutilation with full knowledge of the consequences , the risk was not worth it. She as a medical doctor and should know that FGM serves no purpose other than to cause pain, mentally and physically. In my opinion that's pretty hash sentence...
I agree with DT Piano that male and female genitalia mutilation makes no sense at all,just like removing good and healthy teeth in the name of culture does not make sense.The good thing is that teeth removing is fast dying.
I believe that as we get educated,and enlightened by my religion "science". we shall eventually drop these counter productive and injurious mores/traditions.I don't understand why people who should know better still cling to some of these traditions even when they don't see the benefits,or the better substitute...Anyway, that's for our social scientists to grapple with.

D.T. Piano

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 08:03

My solution to this emotionally charged issue is to teach sexual hygiene. Both men and women should wash themselves thoroughly well before they engage in any form of sexual intimacy. As mentioned earlier, removing six lower teeth as a form of circumcision has completely vanished. We should not practice double standards when it comes to female circumcision. If female circumcisors are being arrested, it is just fair to arrest anyone doing the same to men's circumcision.
This is one of the many reasons that I don't believe in " god" but believe in the ALMIGHTY CREATOR. In the old testament, "god" orders Ibrahim to be circumcised at a very old age. That means that god admitted a very serious error in "creation."
Why would god design men with a prepuce and order for its removal? The ALMIGHTY CREATOR gave us the gift of creation known as the " MIGHTY BRAIN." It is this gift that can turn a desert into a farm land.
When used wisely, the brain can solve a myriad of complex societal issues and when abused under emotionally charged " politicians and religious leaders," can end life for humanity on Planet Earth!

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