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Is It Sunset for Kenyans In Diaspora, As Cost of Living in Foreign Countries Hits the Roof?

I took my time to talk to a number of friends, to try and understand the things that revolve in t

Thanks, But No Thanks

Have you seen your local Member of Parliament lately?

Wanjala, Busaa na Helikopta

Hivi majuzi katika kaunti ya Bungoma, Sale Wanjala alifanya kitendo kilichowashangaza wengi.

The Amazing Race: An Open Letter to the Dallas Kenyan Community

A Native American proverb says with all things and in all things, we are relatives.

Does the U.S. President Need a College Degree? Then Again!

A college degree is not required when running for President in USA. Then again you ask.

The Real Cost of Corruption in Kenya

So President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the arrest of one Samuel Kamau, the man  who owns the apartme

Bias, Reverse Psychology or a Sense of Humor

There is a picture that goes around of a man who gives up just when he is about to strike gold.

Alert to Prospective Diaspora Returnees

Rule #1: Know whom you are using to ship your hard earned stuff.

For the 2008 PEV, A Prayer Rally in Nakuru is Never Enough

For a brief moment in the beginning of 2008, the devil himself visited Kenya and left behind deat

How Kenyan Billionaire Thief Currently in a UK Jail Stole from His Own Bank

Banks can be run by thieves.

ICC Reviewed Post William Ruto and Joshua Sang Orders

The establishment of ICC was meant to deal with gross human rights violations of genocidal propor

Chase Bank Has Sunk With My Hard Earned $$$!!! Ngai Fafa...

Yenyewe tuseme ukweli. Chase Bank wamewatinga MaDiaspora mbaya mbovu! Waah!




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